Aims of this second semester project are landscape architectural drafts for urban game areas. We want to create exiting and differently useable places. They have to be aesthetic, have a great value to be played and they should be attractive for everyone – not only for kids.

Our central questions are:
What is possible of playing with the urban surface if you forget the ordinary furnished playgrounds and the usual offer of the seesaw producers?
What are the roots of games and the children’s play?
What links the modern climbing frames with the german ”Turnvater Jahn” in the eighteenth century?
Why does a playground always looks like playground?

Abstract sketches and models, own discoveries of playgrounds in Kassel and a research task about the different kinds of games will approach the theme and help the students to create their drafts.

  • English Title : Game_Area
  • University : Kassel University, DE
  • Project was done for Course Unit : Studentisches Projekt im Hauptstudium ( Student Project Studio, second and third year BA )
  • Coordinates - Longitude: : 0.000000000000000000
  • Coordinates - Latitude: : 0.000000000000000000
  • Academic Year : 2007 / 08
  • City : Kassel
  • Project Language : German
  • Supervisor : Diedrich Bruns, other professors
  • Location of project : Germany
  • Image Title : spiel_raum