SREX Synergies between regional planning and exergy

The SREX project was one of the first projects in the world
that explored the possibilities for the integration of energy in spatial
planning and landscape design (at the municipal and regional scale). Specific goals where the study of concepts
from thermodynamics (e.g. exergy & entropy) and systems science (e.g.
source & sink) as well as advanced methods for energy-conscious planning
and design. The project team consisted of experts from four different
disciplines, each from another Dutch University. SREX resulted in the
publication of three PhD theses as well as 15+ scientific and professional
papers. The topic of sustainable energy transition has been closely integrated
in undergraduate and graduate programs at the Universities and resulted in 30+
theses. The design of sustainable energy landscapes has become a particular
field of expertise (in research, design and teaching) at the landscape
architecture chair group in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

  • Title Original : SREX Synergie tusen regionale planning en energie
  • Website :
  • Notes : For overview of publication authored by Sven Stremke see
  • Project start : 2006
  • Project end : 2010
  • Contact Person : Wageningen University: Sven Stremke
  • Funding Agency : SenterNovem (now AgencyNL)
  • Project Partners : Groningen University; Delft University of Technology; Wageningen University; University of Applied Sciences Zuid