Study of green and recreational areas in Novi Sad

The Study was conducted for the purposes of updating of the Master plan for Novi Sad, Serbia. Urban green infrastructure of Novi Sad was analyzed on the three spatial scale levels:

1. within the borders of Master plan it looks at the form of urban green system and its link to main rural and natural surroundings which overflow the borders;
2. at the city level it analyses the coverage of the city by different categories of parks as well as the relationship of different categories of green spaces to housing densities;
3. on the level of urban blocks the study proposes the solutions for areas which were severely hit by the uncontrolled urban developments during last ten years.

For the inventory of existing green areas the new typology is used based on the documentation the generic categorization developed by Le-notre e-learning group for urban green infrastructure.

Next to the analyses of the physical character of the green spaces an inquiry of the use of the main city parks was conducted in order to find out in which extent citizens value and use those spaces.

  • Title Original : Studija Zelenih i rekreativnih povrsina za potrebe Generalnog plana Novog Sada
  • Website :
  • Notes : The language of the Study is Serbian
  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 2009
  • Contact Person : Alexandra Tisma, Alexandar Kurjakov, Luka Bajic
  • Funding Agency : URBIS Novi Sad
  • Image Title : Study Novi Sad Masterplan