Symbolic ties that bind: place attachment in the plaza

Low, S.M., 1992, Symbolic ties that bind: place attachment in the plaza, in: Altman, I. & S.M. Low, ‘Place attachment’, Plenum Press, New York

  • Author : Low, S.M.
  • Year : 1992
  • Published in Book : Place attachment
  • Pages : 165-185
  • Outline in English : Place attachment is the symbolic relation ship formed by people giving culturally shared emotional/affective meanings to a particular space or piece of land that provides the basis for the individual’s and group’s understanding of and relation to the environment. This chapter applies this definition of place attachment in order to identify a range of types of place attachment in cultural terms, and to present ethnographic examples of each type. It is argued that while there are often strong individualistic feelings that may be unique to specific people, these feelings are embedded in a cultural milieu. Thus, place attachment is more than an emotional and cognitive experience, and includes cultural beliefs and practices that link people to place. This discussion is illustrated with examples of how these often-overlapping place attachment processes occur in central plaza of San José, Costa Rica.
  • Comments/Notes : place attachment, cultural place attachment, ethnography, plazas.