The Edinburgh context

Ward-Thompson, C., 1994, The Edinburgh context, in: ECLAS (A. Aspinall & S. Filor), ‘The local context in landscape teaching and research’, ,

  • Author : Ward-Thompson, C.
  • Year : 1994
  • Published in Book : The local context in landscape teaching and research
  • Pages : 18-25
  • Abstract in English : The paper sets out the geological and geomorphological context for Edinburgh, explaining in particular how glacially modified igneous intrusions give the landscape its special character. It looks at the development of the Old Town and its traditional urban form, pointing out the major open spaces which have survived from mediaeval times. It examines Craig's plan for the New Town, and its extensions, looking particularly at how private open space contributes to public amenity. It also shows how the particular qualities of Princes Street and its gardens were achieved. The introduction of the railway and late 19th/early 20th century development is briefly examined as a prelude to a summary of the contemporary view which includes the "sink" estates, the green belt and the new bypass.