The EU in the new complex geography of economic systems: models, tools and policy evaluation

Objectives of Project: The uneven geographical distribution of economic activities is a huge worldwide challenge. For the EU regions this is shown by the deep differences within and across nations. Spatial inequalities are evolving through time following complex patterns determined by economic, geographical, institutional and social factors. The New Economic Geography approach, which was initiated by P. Krugman in the early 1990’s, describes economic systems as very simplified spatial structures. The Action aims at developing a more sophisticated modelling of the EU visualised as an evolving trade network with a specific topology determined by the number and strength of national, regional and local links. Economic policies should be specifically designed to take into account this pervasive network structure assessing the position of backward locations within the network and focussing on instruments that favour interconnections. The expected results will provide a basis for an improved evaluation of such policies, in particular for the European Cohesion policy, considering their impact on the welfare level of EU citizens and its geographical distribution. To achieve this objective this Action will enhance interdisciplinary networking combining recent approaches in economics with the most advanced mathematical and computational methods for analysing complex and non-linear systems.

Project Timetable: 2012-2016

Structure/Organisation of Project: WG1: Economic Geography modelling
WG2: Institutions and markets
WG3: Social and industrial interactions
WG4: Mathematical and computational methods and tools.

Members of the Project Team: MC Chair Prof. Pasquale COMMENDATORE (IT)
MC Vice Chair Prof. Ingrid KUBIN (AT)

COST Participants
Country MC Member
Austria Prof. Michael KOPEL
Belgium Prof. Marcel AUSLOOS
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Jasmin HALEBIC
Bulgaria Prof. Nikolay VITANOV
Bulgaria Prof. Milen BALTOV
Estonia Prof. Tiiu PAAS
France Prof. Alan KIRMAN
Germany Prof. Frank WESTERHOFF
Germany Prof. Herbert DAWID
Greece Prof Constantine MANASAKIS
Hungary Prof. Ferenc SZIDAROVSZKY
Ireland Dr Declan JORDAN
Italy Prof. Gian Italo BISCHI
Italy Prof. Laura GARDINI
Luxembourg Dr Benteng ZOU
Malta ■ Prof. Joseph FALZON
Malta ■ Dr Frank BEZZINA
Netherlands Dr Florian WAGENER
Netherlands Prof. Charles VAN MARREWIJK
Poland Dr Aleksandra PARTEKA
Poland Dr Nina DREJERSKA
Portugal Dr Diana ALDEA MENDES
Romania Dr Maria BOSTENARU DAN
Romania Prof Iuliana ARMAS
Slovakia Prof. Mikulas LUPTACIK
Slovenia Denis TRCEK
Spain Prof. Luis Miguel VARELA
Spain Dr Jose CANOVAS
Sweden Prof Tonu PUU
United Kingdom Dr Spiros BOUGHEAS
United Kingdom Dr Claudio PIGA
Country MC Substitute
Italy Prof. Anna AGLIARI
Italy Dr Roberto DIECI
Netherlands Prof. Jan TUINSTRA
Netherlands ■ Prof. Steven BRAKMAN
Portugal ■ Dr Vivaldo MENDES
Spain Dr Manuel RUIZ MARIN
Spain Prof. Mariano MATILLA GARCIA
Spain Dr Jose Antonio LANGA ROSADO
United Kingdom Dr Mario PEZZINO
Non-COST Participants
Institution MC Member
James Madison University ■ Prof. John Barkley Jr. Rosser
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) Dr Iryna Sushko
European Commission Participants
Institution MC Member
Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies Dr Ruslan Rakhmatullin


  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000