The hidden gardens

Roscher, R. & C. Rankin, 2004, The hidden gardens, in: OPENspace, ‘Open space, people space’, OPENspace, Edinburgh

  • Author : Roscher, R. & C. Rankin
  • Year : 2004
  • Published in Book : Open space, people space
  • Abstract in English : The Hidden Gardens is a new public garden in Glasgow that opened in June 2003. The gardens were developed through a process of consultation and dialogue between landscape architects, artists and the community over a three-year period. The open, responsive and flexible strategy pursued in the development of the gardens offers an interesting model for review and discussion. The gardens lie within one of the most culturally diverse communities in Scotland. The development process for the gardens utilised a wide range of tools to engage different groups, and the outputs of this process informed the design. The design of the gardens was in part shaped by different cultural traditions of garden or spatial design. The design intention was to manifest common themes or ideas within a simple, contemporary and (overall) culturally non-specific space. It was, however, recognised from the outset that efforts to engage the community could not end with the physical construction of the space.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: public garden design, community, Glasgow [paper 4 p.]