The military heritage landscape rehabilitation as a subject of nongovernmental organizations activities

The thesis deals with the subject of rehabilitation of military heritage
landscape with the aim of investigating the effectiveness of the
non-governmental organizations, who carry out such projects and
therefore have some success and a great deal of experience in this
field. On this basis motions to landscape management are formulated. The
practical goal of the work is good practice dissemination.Construction
of the thesis reflects the work logic. Introduction is followed by
stating the subject, aim, scope and method of the study as well as the
current state of art in the field. The broadest part of the work is a
set of case studies of successful rehabilitation of European
fortification. Scope of research covers defenses dating from 18th to
20th century and an analysis of NGO’s experiences. Emphasize is put
above all on the actions undertaken, which depend on the type of object.
The work deals also with the organization profile ? number of members,
area of activity, the aims of work and practical experience: both
success and defeat. An analysis of possible roles of the actors is
carried out and the recommendations for the practice are made. Findings
close the dissertation confirming that nongovernmental organizations may
play a vital role in successful fortified landscape rehabilitation.

  • Title Original : Rewitalizacja krajobrazow fortyfikacyjnych, jako przedmiot dzialania organizacji pozarzadowych
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  • Notes : A doctoral thesis completed in 2010
  • Project start : 2005
  • Project end : 2010
  • Contact Person : Anna Staniewska
  • Funding Agency : none
  • Project Partners : --
  • Location : Poland, , lat : 51.835777520452480000 - lng : 18.984375000000000000 address : 473, Poland