The nature obscura landscape emerging in Norway

Haukeland, A., 2005, The nature obscura landscape emerging in Norway, in: ECLAS (D. Oguz), ‘Landscape change’, Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture Ankara University, Ankara

  • Author : Haukeland, A.
  • Year : 2005
  • Published in Book : Landscape change
  • Pages : 103-105
  • Abstract in English : The sharp balance and dialectic between built up landscapes, agricultural land and nature is in a process of getting obscure in Norway. A landscape widely recognized for its nature qualities, admired by visitors, is becoming weaker in nature quality as well as cultural qualities. Around 12 % of the countrys area is presently in a stat of wilderness, but the nation can’t comply with its obligations related to preservation of its four big predator mammals. The changes may be characterized by (sub) urbanization and sentralisation, among others caused by economic growt combined with unwillingness to change the habits of a subsidized agricultural sector and finally supported by a week urban culture related to politics, planning and the public debate.