Theodor Körner Park


  • Area : 0,65
  • GPS X : 16.328702000000020000
  • GPS Y : 48.173055700000000000
  • Implementation end : 2006
  • Website : http://
  • Project Status : Completed Project
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  • Brief Description : The elongated park is located on railway land between a highly frequented line running through a cutting and a busy roadway. The borough council wanted a park to be created that would cater to the needs of young people. To this end, a consultation process was carried out involving a number of classes from a nearby secondary school. This produces a range of ideas, including  a highly distinctive water playground, a dance floor, a tree house, and a covered relaxation area  (Lička, L.; Grimm, K. (Hg.) (2015): nextland
    Zeitgenössische Landschaftsarchitektur in Österreich. Birkhäuser, Basel,
  • Designer : Karl Grimm Landschaftsarchitekten