Theory and critique in landscape architecture – making connections

Swaffield, S. R., 2004, Theory and critique in landscape architecture – making connections, in: ECLAS (Jørgensen, K. & G. Fry), ‘A critical light on landscape architecture’, ,

  • Author : Swaffield, S. R.
  • Year : 2004
  • Published in Book : A critical light on landscape architecture
  • Abstract in English : The conceptual relationship between theory and critique in Landscape Architecture differs according to the way theory is constructed. An heuristic analytical framework is proposed, focused upon the need for a ‘pre-suppositional’ hierarchy of underlying assumptions. It uses categories of epistemology, theoretical perspective, methodology, methods, and modes of representation to explore the relationship between design critique and alternative theoretical positions. The ability to articulate from critique to theory, and from theory to critique, will determine the future shape of the theoretical foundation for the discipline, and is a vital test in determining the validity and efficacy of particular examples of critique. An argument is made for greater attention being paid towards a ‘social constructionist’ framework for theory and critique within Landscape Architecture. Key tasks include the development of a theoretical position focused upon critical interpretation of the symbolic dimensions of design practice, protocols for critique that acknowledge theoretical perspectives, and development of a critical and theoretical language that combines image and text.