TUSEC-IP Soils in City Regions

Objectives of Project: Goals of the TUSEC – IP project are:
the economic development under aspects of soil protection with the aim of directing economic development to spatially more potent and ecologically compatible locations;
promoting soil-protecting urban planning concepts;
offering a higher degree of legal and time-related planning security which creates incentives for investment;
establishing a procedure for the evaluation of soil functions and implementation of results within the framework of municipal activities;
under consideration of legal differences in the participating countries, in particular on the local level;
promoting awareness and promotion of soil and soil protection issues on all political levels.

Project Timetable: 2003-2006

Results/Outcomes: Results:
Enabling municipal planners to evaluate soil functions and to consider soil issues in planning procedures.
Sensitising politicians and citizens for soil functions and the sustainable use of land and soil resources.
Integration of applied preventive soil protection in spatial planning, integration into local planning and permission procedures.
Cooperation of scientific institutions, local planning and environmental authorities and citizens.

Weblink(s): http://www.tusec-ip.org

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  • Project end : 0000