Un-frastructure: design strategies for the never-to-becompleted

Simon, K.M., 2001, Un-frastructure: design strategies for the never-to-becompleted, in: ECLAS (J. de Vries), ‘Integration of infrastructure and landscape architecture’, Larenstein University of Professional Education, Velp

  • Author : Simon, K.M.
  • Year : 2001
  • Published in Book : Integration of infrastructure and landscape architecture
  • Pages : 77-82
  • Abstract in English : The reclaiming of infrastructure for landscape architecture conjures up reassuring notions of wholeness, strength and stability. It implies connectivity, efficient and systematic aggregation of vital services. This paper examines what responses are available to landscape architects in situations where the infrastructure is fragmented, incomplete and irreparably collapsing. It addresses how it is possible to educate landscape architects to address this situation without simply resorting to familiar yet unsupportable utopian visions. Case studies from Auckland, New Zealand are used to illustrate strategies and techniques that allow infrastructure to be re-conceptualised.