Urban forests and trees

Konijnendijk C., K. Nilsson, T.B. Randrup & J. Schipperijn, 2005, Urban forests and trees, Springer, Berlin

  • Author : Konijnendijk C., K. Nilsson, T.B. Randrup & J. Schipperijn
  • Year : 2005
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Publisher's Location : Berlin
  • ISBN : 3-540-25126-X
  • Pages : 520
  • Edition : 1
  • Abstract : This book covers all aspects of the planning and management of urban trees in forests, parks, streets and other places. It is the outcome of EU COST E12. This book covers all aspects of planning, designing, establishing and managing forests and trees and forests in and near urban areas. The disciplinary background of the authors is varied, ranging from forestry and horticulture to landscape ecology, landscape architecture and even plant pathology. The first chapters in the first part of the book deal with the concept, history, chapter deal with the form, function and benefits and functions of urban forests and urban trees. , after which These are followed by second part the chapters in the second partthat focus on the more strategic aspects of accommodating the demands of the urban population, including policies, design, public participation and partnerships. In the third part the reader will find chapters on . But main emphasis is given to the establishment and selection of trees for urban uses, as well as information on growing conditions specific for urban areas. Part four deals with the management of urban forests and trees, including the use of information in management and a chapter on an overview of arboricultural practices. Finally the book concludes with three chapters that providinge an overview of research and education in the field as well as shed someding light on the future perspectives for planning and managing urban forests and trees.