Urban Green Structure: Study of the relation between public space morphology and flora and fauna diversity in the city of Porto

The main objectives of this project are:
1) Link research on spatial design and urban biodiversity;
2) Raise greater public awareness of biodiversity in urban areas;
3) Promote interdisciplinary research into urban biodiversity for a
better understanding of the interactions between humans, urban
biodiversity and global biodiversity
4) Establish a connection mechanism between researchers, planners,
policy makers and citizens to improve the integration of research
findings into urban design;
5) Promote education in urban biodiversity and design.

  • Title Original : Estrutura Verde Urbana: Estudo da relação entre a morfologia do espaço público e a diversidade de flora e fauna na cidade do Porto
  • Website : http:///bio-diver-city.fc.up.pt
  • Project start : 2010
  • Project end : 2012
  • Funding Agency : Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia