Urban Growth in Bodrum: Changing Life Styles, Changing Landscape Perception

  • Make people avare of their surroundings
  • Designate the reasons of rapid urban growth in Bodrum
  • Designate the results of urbanizm 
  • Relation between life styles and perception of landscape
  • How public participation effect to land use ?
  • Title Original : Bodrumda Kentsel Gelisim: Yasam Tarzlarindaki Degisim Ve Peyzaj Algısı
  • Website : http://
  • Project start : 2013
  • Project end : 2014
  • Contact Person : Isin Barut, Farzan Azarpour (Ege University, Department of Landscape Architecture)
  • Project structure : Peri-urban landscapes are essential to sustain the urban areas especially by providing landscape services and creating transitional zones. But the growing urban development become more dominant and changes the character of its surroundings and natural landscapes. Not only human needs and economic aspects but also changing life styles effect urban growth and peri-urban sprawl and vice-versa. Environmental sociology clarifies the connection between life styles and landscape quality. To have the realistic data base, this study examines the urban growth and peri-urban sprawl with GIS techniques between the years of 1980-2010 in Bodrum, Turkey and answers how this process changes the meaning of landscape. This study also implements a questionnaire to research about the changing human perception in Bodrum. Results present that, especially after 90'ts there is a rapid increase in urbanization and after the year of 2000 there are apparent changes in human perception about their environment and about the meaning that they give to their environment. This research investigates the social aspects and presents strategies to increase awareness about the changing, transforming, evaluating environment and to ease the effects of urban growth and peri-urban sprawl. 
  • Location : Turkey, Bodrum, lat : 37.034350961160860000 - lng : 27.423248291015625000 address : Eskiçe?me Mh., Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi 160-166, 48400 Bodrum/Mu?la Province, Turkey
Image Title: Urban Growth in Bodrum: Changing Life Styles, Changing Landscape Perception