urban park-Bucharest’s new wetland parck

<p>the urban park project fits into the general problem of the study of the urban landscape component entities, among which this element is an important one both in terms of functionality and space, and from the point of view of urban life, the incidence of  such place has on its inhabitants.</p><p>The baseline scenario of the  park project aims  first  to recreate   an identity for the green pole with a new dialogue established between components, between elements quasi-natural and artificial one introduced, between neighborhoods that participate in defining the site.</p>

  • Area : 23
  • GPS X : 26.133837699999958000
  • GPS Y : 44.399488100000000000
  • Project start : 1.10
  • Project end : 1.11
  • Implementation start : -
  • Implementation end : -
  • Context :
    The Vacaresti "lake" is a very spacial place in Bucharest , Romania, because , here has been formated a stable  wetland ecosystem, an unique environment located in the middle of a city. This environment is not visible and most of the people of Bucharest don't know about it, because of the former lake dam.
  • Website : http://
  • Project Status : Student project
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Project Team : Stoian Alina Mihaela, Dumitru Iulia
  • Notes :
    The proposed project site will pursue a level of attractiveness and active presence in the life of the inhabitants, without being distorted acquired skills over time (wetland biodiversity), valuing all potential elements present: urban scenography, landscape, ecological, functional.
  • Brief Description :

    Landscape solution proposes a new approach to an intra-urban space with a unique feature in Bucharest -stable delta ecosystem.This is about conservation and also about sustainable development through new technologies, so that  that park can sustain much of their energy consumption.The design  propose two routes connecting with main functions:

    1. cultural-educational line

    2. eco-technological line

    This will be an eco-park that brings together nature and tehnology, who will have two types of spaces , one dedicate to young researchers, in the side with the wedland area, and the other for parents ,children, sport lovers and old people.

    This green space will be part of a green city system and will work as a transition between urban landscape to natural landscape

  • Designer : UAUIM
  • Location : Romania, Bucharest, lat : 44.399488100000000000 - lng : 26.133837699999958000 address : Lacul V?c?re?ti, Bucharest, Romania
  • Project Name : Original : parc urban- noua delta a Bucurestiului
  • Type : Parks
Image Title: urban park-Bucharest's new wetland parckImage Title: urban park-Bucharest's new wetland parck