Vienna University of Applied Sciences – Campus

  • Area : 1,35
  • GPS X : 16.382076299999994000
  • GPS Y : 48.158254500000000000
  • Implementation end : 2009
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  • Project Status : Completed Project
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  • Brief Description : The alignment of the buildings gives rise to two open spaces, the forecourt and the break area, which have quite different characters, as well as a large,  accessible space on the raised plinth of the building, which the upstairs floors also look out onto. The lawn areas of the adjacent park break up into jagged islands in the black asphalt forecourt and are encompassed at their perimeter by a broad seating wall, while the sunken break area in the west rises up in a stepped series of terraces to open out onto the neighbouring landscapes.
    The character of the rooftop plant areas is reminiscent of an agricultural landscape, with the main design role played by lavender, planted in narrow rows to echo the way crops are cultivated. However, the lavender has been intentionally thinned out in places to break up the strict rows (Lička, L.; Grimm, K. (Hg.) (2015): nextland Zeitgenössische Landschaftsarchitektur in Österreich. Birkhäuser, Basel, A24).
  • Designer : rajek barosch
  • Location : Austria, Wien, lat : 48.158254500000000000 - lng : 16.382076299999994000 address :
  • Project Name : Original : Vienna University of Applied Sciences - Campus
  • Type : Schoolgrounds, Schoolgrounds