Viertel Zwei

2002, Michael Griesmayer discovered a property in the second district in
Vienna, which encompassed about 40,000 m² , was fenced and close to a newly constructed subway station. The original master plan was developed in 2003 by architect DI Franz Kuzmich in collaboration with the city (MA 21). This
was the basis for the urban development competition in 2004, from which
the high-rise building HOCH ZWEI by henke & schreieck emerge as winner. The landscape planner Prof. Wehberger was planning the outside area. The
idea was to create a harmonious outer space, which harmonised with the
buildings but is also independent of the buildings at the same time. In 2004, the urban development concept of the open space was revised by WES & Partner. This new master plan was the basis for the following architectural competitions of the buildings. After
four years of preparation, competition, planning and four years of
construction, the new district has been completed in 2010. Since the year 2014, the facility has been expanded with the VIERTEL ZWEI PLUS at the Viennese racing track. 

  • Area : 4,4
  • GPS X : 16.414132118225098000
  • GPS Y : 48.213292289546880000
  • Project start : 2005
  • Project end : 2010
  • Implementation end : 2010
  • Context : The residential project VIERTEL ZWEI is located in the second district, in the center of Vienna near the Danube river. The
    area lies near by the Viennese Prater, the WU Campus , the exhibition grounds and a racing track. The site is bordered by Trabrennstraße in the west, Vorgartenstraße in the north and the Krieau tramway in the east and south. The district is located at the U2 station Krieau and is a completely car-free zone. It is noticeable that the subway stations are light and translucent planned with a lot of glass on 6 meter high beams
    made of reinforced concrete, which decisively shape the cityscape.
  • Website : http://
  • Project Status : Completed Project
  • Client : VIERTEL ZWEI Entwicklung GmbH & Co, HOTEL ZWEI KG, Wien und IC Projektentwicklung GmbH, Wien
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Notes : The site is located at the U2 subway station Krieau and the bus line 82A station 'Trabrennstraße'.  
  • Brief Description : VIERTEL ZWEI is a new office and business location where more than 4,500 people live and work. In the center of the complex is a 5,000 m² lake and 13,500 m² green and open spaces. Directly
    at the subway station Krieau is the highest building of the district
    with 80 m and 23 floors, the office building HOCH ZWEI by architects
    Henke and Schreieck, where the OMV headquarters is located. The
    only old building in the area is a former sanitary facility, which has
    been renovated and revitalized and is now called LOFT ZWEI. On the ground floor of the buildings are restaurants with a view to the lakeside. The
    modern high buildings are six to eight floors high and ,depending on the time of day, cast large shadows on the open space. The addition of the name "Zwei" in the district and the buildings is a reference to the second district.

    The various utilisations correspond to one another and form diverse, topographically shaped milieus in the striking urban planning (and vehicle-free) context. An artificial landscape with a large central area of water, crossed by a jetty bridge, forms the core of the area. The
    lake is framed by a clearly-structured promenade with pyramid oaks and
    an undulating riverbank line, while the banks of the river have
    different designs: a clear, stone edge of access in the south forms a
    fascinating contrast to the hilly edge on the northern side. A lily pond
    forms the edge in the east, while a grove of bald cypresses borders the
    water in the west. Trees lead from the paved area down into the water,
    as if going swimming (Wolfgang Betz, WES GmbH LandschaftsArchitektur).
  • Designer : WES LandschaftsArchitektur & Partner