Water in Landscape, its Effect on Placemaking

The  landscape Designer deals with the water element  and its  characteristic,  form connected to the external environment through various links . Water is one of the visual aspects of the scene from one hand and a spatial expression from the other. Thus, the water element is frequently mentioned in its various forms in the literature in general and design literature especially. Because of the absence of sufficient information in the field of the architecture dealing with the element of water, especially the design landscapes, and in order to benefit the designer of water elements , this research attempts to clarify the concept of PLACEMAKING with water element through multiple general and special theories for designing landscapes. The study also seeks to determine the most important characteristics of the water element enable the designer to deal with new forms to deal with it and create new forms is inspired from its natural one by adding other basic elements to emphasize its importance and possible inherent in multiple forms.

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  • Project start : 2011
  • Project end : 2012
  • Contact Person : Ahmed Alomary
  • Funding Agency : Mosul University
  • Project Partners : Anfal Azzam
Image Title: Water in Landscape, its Effect on Placemaking