Wieland Park


  • Area : 0,445
  • GPS X : 16.379730399999970000
  • GPS Y : 48.176457900000000000
  • Implementation end : 2004
  • Website : http://
  • Project Status : Completed Project
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  • Brief Description : The existing park had a good stock of old trees and was well integrated
    into the surrounding grid of streets by virtue of its corner entrances.
    Both of these aspects were preserved in the new design. The dense
    underbrush and other barriers within the park were removed and a larger,
    more open interior area created. Now that the trees have been tidied
    up, they form a permeable boundary around the park and also frame the
    new, oval-shaped piazza at the centre. A screened-off dog zone has been
    created that is only accessible from the outside, and this also serves
    to reduce conflict levels within the park (Lička, L.; Grimm, K. (Hg.)
    (2015): nextland
    Zeitgenössische Landschaftsarchitektur in Österreich. Birkhäuser, Basel,
  • Designer : Karl Grimm Landschaftsarchitekten