Urbanization proccess has threaten wild life corrdidors that provide to link between habitats of spacies. How strong the link of habitats is, change of survival the spacies will increase as part of the theme, by reson of taking place on bird migration, flora diversty and being protected from human effects, the valley has been sellected for sutdy area.
Imrahor Valley, laying till the inner city as a extention os Ankara- Mogan and Eymir Lakes have offered variations on account of flora and fauna. The valley has an important place in green area system of Ankara. The valley shold be protected as a wild life corridor, with properties of being water basin, flora-fauna, soil, topography and being air corridor.
Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
Department of Landscape Architecture Duygu DOGAN

  • Title Original : Yaban Hayatı Koridorları - İmrohor Vadisi Örneği
  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000
  • Contact Person : Duygu Doğan
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