Wild urban woodlands: Towards a conceptual framework

Kowarik, I., 2005, Wild urban woodlands: Towards a conceptual framework, in: Kowarik, I. & S. Korner, ‘Wild urban woodlands’, , Berlin

  • Author : Kowarik, I.
  • Year : 2005
  • English Title : Wild urban woodlands: Towards a conceptual framework
  • Published in Book : Wild urban woodlands
  • Pages : 1-32
  • Abstract in English : The focus of this chapter is the structure changes in the old industrial regions of Europe and also North Amarika. There today natural resettlement processes are revitalizing the areas as they grow into forests (new wild urban woodlands). This wild woodland resulting from nutural succesion on man-made sites have created a new component in the urban forest mix whose significance will grow in areas that are subjeced to great structural transformation. These include many former industial areas, but also, more genarally, “shrinking cities”. A particular feature of the new urban wilderness is its position in the middle of agglomerations. This represenst a great potential to bridge, at least partially, the often lamented sptial separation between a large part of the genaral public and real, existing biodiversity. This distance has grown more acute as a consequence of urbanisation. Because of the significant social and ecological functions of urban industrial woodlands , strategies should be promoted that incorporate such spaces into the development of urban green spaces.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: urban woodlands, non-urban woodlands, industrial woodlands