Women and urban public space

Franck, K.A. & L.P. Paxson, 1989, Women and urban public space, in: Altman, I., E. Altman & E.H. Zube, ‘Public places and spaces’, Plenum Press, New York

  • Author : Franck, K.A. & L.P. Paxson
  • Year : 1989
  • Published in Book : Public places and spaces
  • Pages : 121-146
  • Abstract in English : Women do use and enjoy public spaces unaccompanied by men, but only, in part, by overcoming various obstacles and following certain restrictions. Men may also feel constraints, but these seem to arise primarily from a concern about crime and more close related to particular places and times. Thad women still do not have the same “freedom of the street" as do men, is significant. Finding ways to increase that freedom requires that we understand the ways in which women are constrained and the reasons why. The goal of this paper is to develop a theoretical perspective to guide future research on women and public spaces.
  • Comments/Notes : UTILITY: lecturers/teachers, academic research, students of universities of professional education. This chapter is dealing with the situation of the eighties, but not dated yet. Especially for students a good paper that can contribute to the insight of the development of the situation of women in public open space and that may challenge them to integrate this item in landscape en planting design. KEYWORDS: environmental psychology, women, safety, public spaces, design.