Youth in their local environment

Lieberg, M., 1997, Youth in their local environment, in: Camstra, R., ‘Growing up in a changing urban landscape’, Van Gorcum, Assen

  • Author : Lieberg, M.
  • Year : 1997
  • Published in Book : Growing up in a changing urban landscape
  • Pages : 90-108
  • Abstract in English : When teenagers occupy the city and its public spaces, they often do so strikingly and noisily, causing alarm fear and demands for action. Public and semi-public spaces become the stage for meetings and communication where the most spectacular youth culture are acted out. However, public urban spaces also function as a free space and a place of retreat to which youth can withdraw to avoid the observation and control of adult society and other teenagers. Teenagers often use the different places and contexts of the public environment not only as somewhere to be, but also to qualify themselves for adult life. This article discusses these issues from a gender perspective and reports a three-year period’s study of groups of teenagers from a typical suburb in a medium sized, southern Swedish city. A part of the conclusion is that planning should accept that there activities and qualities in the city centre that cannot be replaced by planned inputs in the suburb.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: children, teenagers, neighbourhoods, mental maps, favourite places, live stiles, city centres.